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How can InnoLIFT help my business?2021-10-05T14:20:59-04:00

Make more deliveries per day

  • Fast loading / unloading reduces delivery time
  • Add new delivery routes for increased revenue & profitability
  • Extended battery charge limits downtime

Take care of your workers safety and health

  • No more heavy lifting
  • Reduces employee fatigue, workplace injuries and turnover
  • Worker satisfaction creates longevity and raises productivity

Complete vehicle independence

  • Replaces liftgates, ramps, hoists & conventional pallet jacks
  • One driver can handle deliveries up to 2200 lbs.
  • InnoLIFT can be switched between different vehicles
How do I install my Rear Plate?2021-10-05T14:17:12-04:00

Download the Rear Plate Installation Guide. (Download the InnoLIFT Rear Plate PDF Guide) adobe pdf icon

How do I measure my delivery vehicles?2021-10-05T14:19:43-04:00


  • A – Rear Door Height Opening? (Enter Measurement in inches.)
  • B – Rear Door Width? (Enter Measurement in inches.)
  • C – Ground to Bed? (Enter Measurement in inches.)
  • D – Wheel Housing? (Enter Measurement in inches.)
How do I see a Demonstration of an InnoLIFT loader?2021-10-06T15:46:25-04:00
  1. We’ve developed a series of demo and training videos to help customers understand how our machines work. You can access videos on this website and on our YouTube channel.
  2. You may visit our Cleveland, Ohio warehouse to see a live demo. Please call (866) 924-5438 to schedule an appointment – required to guarantee our availability.
  3. Review “What our customers are saying ..” at the bottom of our Home page
  4. Read our Blog page
How do you charge the InnoLIFT?2021-10-05T14:13:00-04:00
  1. AC Wall charger: InnoLIFT comes with a 12 v / 10 amp (110V US) AC Smart Wall Charger.
  2. DC cable (optional): You may purchase our proprietary DC in-vehicle charging cable which is used to keep your InnoLIFT charged while on-the-go. Primarily use for higher volume deliveries or those who wish to have the security of a charged unit during long transports. The charging cable plugs right into your cargo van’s DC outlet.
How do you handle Service issues?2021-10-06T15:48:49-04:00

InnoLIFT loaders are built to last a long time and with the highest quality European standards. Service issues are minimal and easily managed at your facility – loaders do not need to be sent back to our warehouse. If you have an issue, call us at (866) 924-5438 and we’ll analyze your issue and solve the problem. Videos and/or pictures may be required. Most InnoLIFT parts can be purchased through InnoLIFT USA. Some parts may be shipped from our manufacturer in Finland direct to customer via DHL. If there is a more complex issue, we’ll recommend you contact your local material handling equipment Dealer and their service technician can assist.

How does InnoLIFT work?2021-09-30T21:25:17-04:00
How long does a InnoLIFT Battery charge last?2021-10-06T15:37:08-04:00

Depends on usage. Low volume deliveries may need to charge their InnoLIFT once a week or once a month. High volume deliveries could be once per week or daily.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT charge unit with ignition key in the ‘ON’ position. See Operator’s Manual.

Is there a Distributor in my area?2021-10-06T15:39:43-04:00

InnoLIFT USA is the exclusive North American distributor. Our territory covers the USA, Canada, and Mexico. InnoLIFT loaders are sold direct to end-users ONLY.

What are the steps to return my InnoLIFT, if I’ve met the Frendix USA criteria?2021-09-30T21:23:43-04:00

First, review our Return Policy guidelines  adobe pdf icon  before making an attempt to send a machine back. Sending a machine which doesn’t meet our guidelines will result in a rejected return and will be sent back at customer’s expense.

Second, download these forms:

  1. Customer Return Letter  adobe pdf icon
  2. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form  adobe pdf icon


What are your payment terms?2021-10-06T15:54:04-04:00

In-stock model terms: Full payment required prior to shipping from our Cleveland, Ohio warehouse. Due to limited available stock, payment terms are NOT offered. However, financing is available through our partners at Ascentium Capital. Click on the financing button next to the InnoLIFT model or download the paper application here: (Ascentium Paper Application)

Out-of-stock model terms: Advanced payment of 60% required; remainder due prior to shipping from our Cleveland, Ohio warehouse. If drop shipped from manufacturer, balance due prior to shipping from Finland.

What is InnoLIFT?2021-10-05T14:21:50-04:00

InnoLIFT is an innovative portable forklift that lifts itself and its load into and out of virtually any delivery vehicle. Easily load and unload all pallet types from a vehicle or street-level facility. Designed for nearly all delivery vehicle types including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster cargo vans; box trucks and semi-trailers.

Don’t lift it, INNOLIFT it!

What is the InnoLIFT battery life and how do I get a replacement?2021-10-05T14:13:44-04:00

Batteries should last a minimum of 3 years, if used properly. For replacement batteries, contact InnoLIFT USA at (866) 924-5438 and a representative will recommend a battery to be purchased at your local auto parts store. All replacement batteries should be secured inside the cover.

What is the InnoLIFT warranty?2021-10-05T14:09:10-04:00

InnoLIFT Loaders come standard with a 1-year parts warranty. InnoLIFT USA offers a 2-year extended parts warranty (3 years total) for an additional $499.00.

What is the lead time on InnoLIFT purchases?2021-10-06T15:50:34-04:00

InnoLIFT maintains a limited stock due to current market and supply chain conditions. In-stock models ship within 3 days of customer purchase from our Cleveland, Ohio warehouse. Out-of-stock models ship from our manufacturer in Finland to Cleveland. Lead time is approximately 16-20 weeks from the date InnoLIFT USA places order. Once received, models ship within 3 days. If a customer requests multiple units, InnoLIFT USA may drop ship to customer location to help reduce the shipping and handling fees.

What is your Return Policy?2021-09-30T21:26:42-04:00

Download our Return Policy  adobe pdf icon.

What payment types do you accept?2021-10-15T10:53:07-04:00

We accept all major credit cards, certified checks and ACH and bank wire transfers.

  • Credit card payments are taken over the phone by calling (866) 924-5438.
  • Send certified checks to: Frendix USA, LLC, 731 Beta Dr. Unit B, STE 4, Mayfield, OH 44143
  • ACH and bank wire transfers: Download our ACH and bank wire transfer PDF here adobe pdf icon

Financing is available through our partners at Ascentium Capital. Click on the financing button next to the InnoLIFT model or download the paper application here: (Ascentium Paper Application)

What type of battery does InnoLIFT use?2021-10-05T14:14:46-04:00

InnoLIFT operates on a 12 volt / 44 amp rechargeable, car battery.

What type of surfaces can InnoLIFT manage?2021-10-05T14:10:24-04:00

InnoLIFT Loaders are designed to operate mainly indoors and on solid, flat, and parallel ground (like a standard pallet jack). Avoid rough terrain and slopes greater than 5 degrees for safe use. Operating outside is permitted if InnoLIFT is used on solid ground and in dry weather.

Which InnoLIFT is right for my vehicle?2021-10-05T14:08:18-04:00

Fill out the online form and a sales representative will contact you upon review to help you choose the appropriate model for your needs. For detailed specifications, click here to see our Technical Data Sheet.

Why do I need a Rear Plate for my cargo van?2021-10-05T14:17:58-04:00

InnoLIFT loaders are designed with counterbalance weights in the forks and a 90-degree uninterrupted loading platform is necessary to manage protruding step bumpers on vans to ensure safe operation.

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