InnoLIFT Loaders

Rechargeable, Battery-Operated Portable Forklift for Vans and Trucks

The ORIGINAL Portable Forklift! With our innovative technology, InnoLIFT lifts itself and its load into and out of virtually any delivery vehicle. Easily load and unload all pallet types from a vehicle or street-level facility. Designed for nearly all delivery vehicle types including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster cargo vans; box trucks and semi-trailers. Lift, Load and Deliver without making changes to your vehicle.

Don’t lift it, INNOLIFT it!

InnoLIFT Advantages

Make more deliveries
per day

  • Fast loading / unloading reduces delivery time
  • Add new delivery routes for increased revenue & profitability
  • Extended battery charge limits downtime

Take care of your workers
safety and health

  • No more heavy lifting
  • Reduces employee fatigue, workplace injuries and turnover
  • Worker satisfaction creates longevity and raises productivity

Complete vehicle

  • Replaces liftgates, ramps, hoists & conventional pallet jacks
  • One driver can handle deliveries up to 2200 lbs.
  • InnoLIFT can be switched between different vehicles

Which InnoLIFT is right for your delivery vehicle?

Send us your vehicle dimensions to get a custom recommendation on the best InnoLIFT for your vehicle and delivery needs.



What our customers are saying…

We haul the TV monitors for the CT scan machines that are 62-inches long and weigh up to 400 pounds.  Previously they were very difficult to unload and I always needed help.  But with the InnoLIFT it is a snap to do it by myself.

76-year old driver, JS Courier

Before we got the InnoLIFT we needed 4 people to lift the machine and load it into the truck, then unload it when we got to the demonstration site.  With InnoLIFT, one person can load and unload easily.  We’re saving a lot of manpower and backaches.

General Manager, Equipment Manufacturer

We’re easily making our deliveries in half the time with the InnoLIFT.  There is no more loading boxes onto a 2-wheel cart then wheeling it in to the customer 4 or 5 times – with InnoLIFT we take the whole pallet in at once and we’re done.

Manager, Commercial Printer
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