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    Welcome to Innolift USA


    See the models page for pricing and finance options!

    Innolift is an amazing new freight loader that was designed for Cargo Vans, Sprinter Vans, Ford Transit Connect Vans and other medium and light duty commercial vehicles.

    Innolift is the only lift loader made that lifts itself into the delivery vehicle! Innolift also eliminates the need for Lift Gates, Ramps, Swing Lifts and for carrying separate pallet jacks, carts or dollies.

    Designed for use with open bottom pallets, skids and crates, the Innolift is available in 4 different models including manual and electric.

    Innolift can lift loads up to 1100 lbs as high as 47”. Innolift A models are powered by a 12 Volt .8KW motor and come with an in vehicle battery charger cable. Innolift charges via the vehicle's cigarette lighter plug as you drive. Call us now at 502-298-2572 or explore our site and see why your sales force needs and Innolift today.