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Tire Manager

Tire Manager 1

Safe and Efficient Tire Management

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Tire Manager 2

Minimize risks

Frendix TireManager guides for safer shelving and alerts about dangerous ones. Handle your tire changing season with ease thanks to the tire warehouse management program.

Tire Manager 3

Save time

With the help of TireManager you can avoid unnecessary walking between racks and are able to minimize errors. You can use TireManager to send appointment times to customers by the type of the tire.

Tire Manager 4

Tire Manager 5

Tire Manager 6

Tire Manager 7

Easy warehouse management

Integrated to your main system

Send mass messages to clients

Tire Manager 8

Tells you the measures of tire and rack places

The Frendix TireManager tire hotel management software can be used on any device. In the management program, the shelf view is exactly the same as in your warehouse, so you can easily see the types of tires, shelves, and possible faults.

With TireManager you can avoid common problems:

• Tires that are too small in diameter or width will take the place of large tires

• Tires that are too wide will not fit and even if they do, you can’t get them out

• Tires with too large diameters block the aisle and tires cannot be removed from the upper levels

You can use TireManager on any device and avoid unnecessarily walking between shelves and your machine. You can check and change your warehouse situation anywhere.

TireManager is designed to complement your existing system. It simplifies and speeds up the management of your tire warehouse, and just a licence number is enough when shelving your tires.

TireManager works with all software and works great with Frendix TireStorage solutions.

Tire management

Tire Manager 91. Enter the tire dimensions in the search field

Tire Manager 10
2. TireManager shows you the appropriate location for the selected tires

Tire Manager 11
3. Insert the tires into the TireManager and then place them on the selected place

TireManager features

  • Manage new and customer tires
  • Location search by tire size
  • Mobile use
  • Versatile tire information
  • Extensive storage state reports
  • Tire stickers with QR code
  • Booking for maintenance
  • E-mail and SMS marketing
  • Multi-warehouse handling
  • Tire transport management

Tire Depth Scanner with Superior Precision

Tire Manager 12

With SigmaVision’s handheld scanner you can quickly measure the depth of your tires and create 3D images of them.

Easy to use

Read the QR code on the tire label with your phone and measure the depth on your tires. You can measure the entire inventory without stopping.


The scanner and Frendix TireManager work seamlessly together. The scanner data is stored in TireManager.

More sales

You can send a comprehensive tire report directly to your customers as a mass message or print a report at checkout during maintenance work.

Tire Manager 13

After scanning you can find optimal braking distance and 3D images of your tires from TireManager.