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The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift!


The Innolift portable self loading forklift is the newest break-through in vehicle loading technology. It is designed and manufactured to the highest quality European Standards. While the Innolift is often compared to a lift-gate, it is in fact, far superior to a lift-gate as a vehicle cargo loading solution. The Innolift lifts cargo into your vehicle and then it lifts itself into the vehicle as well. The Innolift is a mobile lift-gate and pallet jack in one machine.

Watch Innolift In Action

Innolift Small

  • Fits in Ford Econoline, Chevrolet Express,  Ford Transit Connect, Ram Promaster,
     Sprinter, and some MINI VANS! *
  • Idal For Salesmen Hauling Heavy Items
  • Ideal For Couriers
  • Lifts 1325lbs
  • Order One Now. Save Your Back!

    Making Your Load A Little Easier

The Innolift can be used to raise skids to waist height or higher for easy unloading of your cargo from the skid. This eliminates bending & stooping by the employees. The Innolift does the lifting so your employees don’t have to. Innolift will automate your deliveries increasing your deliveries per hour. It will make your delivery drivers more productive by reducing their fatigue and also increasing their sales stops per hour and per day. The Innolift will increase your sales.

The Innolift will reduce your expenses because you can move more product per delivery vehicle. In many cases companies can get by with one or two Innolifts that float back and forth between vehicles rather than buying and affixing a lift-gate to each vehicle. Ask any purchaser how much he or she gets for a vehicle when they need to sell it when it has a lift-gate attached. That $7000.00 investment will only get you back $1700.00 in resale value. If you have an Innolift you just move it to the next vehicle.

Lift-gates are a maintenance nightmare and are always exposed to rain, sleet, snow, heat, salt, and other climate conditions. They rust easily and do not work well in the cold. The Innolift is stored inside your vehicle and is kept away from the elements. The Innolift will reduce your expenses.

Lift Gate Vs. Innolift

  • Lift Gates are Permanently  Attached – Innolift is Portable and Mobile

  • Lift Gates are Exposed to the Weather – Innolift Rides Inside the Vehicle

  • Lift Gates Function as One Device -Innolift is the Lift Gate & Pallet Jack

  • A Driver Can Fall Off a Lift Gate – A Driver Won’t Leave the Ground With Innolift

  • The Innolift Can Travel Inside Buildings – A Lift Gate Can’t Do That

  • If Your Truck or Van is in For Service, Your Lift Gate is Down Too – Not With Innolift

  • A Lift Gate Can Weigh over 2000lbs – Innolift Weighs 430lbs or Less. =Fuel Savings!

  • Innolift is Very Low Maintenance! – Lift Gates Need Constant Lubrication & Service

And The Winner By Knockout…..Innolift  in The First Round. It Wasn’t Even Close.Making Your Load A Little Easier

As we talk about reducing expenses, an on the job injury due to a fall off a lift-gate would cost in the thousands of dollars in employee medical expenses, lost time from work, increased workers compensation premiums and on and on. An employee doesn’t leave the ground when loading or unloading with an Innolift.