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The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift! The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift!

About Us

About Us

Innolift USA is owned by Safeway Expediting Company of Louisville, KY. In our search for a product to help us deliver heavy medical equipment using smaller delivery vans and cargo vans, we scoured the internet for six years. There was no product on the market available that would function like a Lift-Gate but be portable and ride in our vehicles like a pallet jack…..until now!
Introducing the revolutionary new Innolift! Innolift actually lifts itself into the delivery vehicle along with the product it’s loading. Innolift eliminates the need for Lift-Gates, Ramps, Swing Lifts and for carrying separate pallet jacks, carts or dollies. Available in 8 different models for both open bottom skids and USA closed pallets, we have an Innolift for just about every lifting need

Innolift USA is your source in the United States to obtain this fantastic new lift loader. We have tested the Innolift on deliveries to hospitals, clinics, store fronts, loading docks, warehouses and in many other delivery situations. We realized that sales reps, delivery companies, office equipment companies, beverage companies and many others had a dilemma. These companies are faced with outfitting their vehicles with very expensive lift-gates and pallet jacks or flatbed carts to lift and unload their heavy loads. The Innolift out performs a lift-gate in all these situations.

Lift-Gates are attached to one vehicle, and are very expensive. They are exposed to the elements and require constant lubrication and maintenance to stay operational. When it comes time for a business to sell their vehicle, they never recoup the investment value of the lift-gate. The Innolift Self Loading Portable Forklift is the answer. Explore our site and view our presentation and video of The Innolift in action. When you are ready, click here to request more information or call us at 866-924-LIFT OR 502-298-2572 and speak with a sales representative today to hear why your business needs an Innolift.